Family Portraits–Why or Why Not?

Each year, I create family portraits for clients throughout southern KY.  Often, I wonder, “Why don’t families get/create family portraits? ”
Is it money?  Is it lack of time/planning?  Is it changes in the dynamics of the family?
A quality family portrait becomes an heirloom almost over night.  As life changes us and kids grow up, we change and our memories become priceless.  We lose people, we gain people… we age and our memories become less reliable!

At the holidays, we sit with the people we love and the words “Remember when…” start conversations.  Happy memories, funny stories, and silly tales are the very fabric of our lives together and paint pictures in our minds.  The Family Photo on the wall is a tangible, permanent  memento of a period of our lives.  A family wall portrait is an anchor in a room and in our homes.  Did you know that studies indicate that children who grow up in a home filled with pictures of themselves and family feel more grounded, more secure and more loved?  I remember when we were growing up, pulling out family albums filled with trips and events and listening to the stories my mother and brothers told.  These stories led to more stories and painted my memories with love.  Our family isn’t perfect– we fight, hug, we laugh, we cry– together.

This year, we celebrated weddings and many many pictures were taken.  Next year will be new and different.  The Studio will likely (very likely) move and that will bring changes, too.  From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving,  Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, too!37749359_10216553414331789_4114343868000894976_o

Shutterfest- it’s a wild ride!

For 4 years, I have made a spring pilgrimage to St Louis, MO. Each year, on the Monday following Easter, I load up and hit the road. There about 4.5 hours of drive between me and my other “family”… my Shutterfest people.

What is Shutterfest? Well, that is a tricky question. It’s a conference, it’s a workshop, it’s collaboration, it’s energy, it’s crazy, it’s a party, it’s education, it’s fun and frenetic and frustrating and fascinating… it’s Shutterfest

Shutterfest is a photography event held at St Louis Union Station full of opportunity to speak with instructors and mentors. We spend 3-5 days creating, learning, stretching ourselves as artists. Some of us plan things months in advance. Shutterfest is full of energy, and 💕 love. There has been at least 1 proposal each year and this year there were two. Our “family” waits until shutterfest to announce engagements and new babies… because we all speak the same language– the language of cameras and photography (with a little bit of video thrown in for fun).

truthfully, I am so very sad when the trip comes to an end that I start counting the days until next year.  Maybe, next year, you will join me!

Time Flies- and I am still willing to Follow

Can you believe it is nearly February?  31 years ago, this Thursday, I was standing in front of a minister with my now husband, saying vows that we both take very seriously.  I sometimes find it incredible that we have survived- no flourished- for this long.  There were days of perfection and days of frustration.  When I look back through the years, I know that the majority of those days were good and filled with love.  Every family has struggles and we had our share.

We have raised and loved two really great kids.  They have brought us immense joy though the years and just a moment or two when we wanted to do them bodily harm. 🙂   As we prepare for not one but two weddings this spring, we look into their futures and pray that they have as much joy and laughter in their lives as we have had in ours!

Sometimes, when I look into the mirror, I wonder who the heck is looking back at me.  In my minds eye, we are just kids playing at life.  I look at my husband, my best friend, and he hasn’t really changed that much.  He is as steady and unwavering as the mountains.  There might be just a few wrinkles here and there and his hair might not be quite as thick as it once was, but truthfully, he is still the handsome man who sand to me on our wedding day.  I can never think about that evening that I don’t hear him sing31 and counting “Follow me, where I go, what I do, and who I know… make it part of you to be a part of me.”

Snow Daze

January has been a roller coaster weather-wise!  We  have gone from 6’s to icy to 6 inches of snow and bitterly cold windy days!  Welcome to KY where the weather is fickle and the unpredictable.  Today, it was a pleasure to layer up and head out into the snow to shoot a Snow Daze session with a beautiful FSHS Senior, Ivy West.  we had a chilly time Instant-Snowbut it was really fun.  I think our toes were frozen but the  image– amazing.  I really enjoy adding a little creative edit to some of them, too!  Thank you for choosing The Studio on Main, Ivy!




Times –They Are a Changing

It is that time of year again.  Time to get ourselves ready to “Fall Back”  That’s right, we are forced to turn our clocks back and go back to standard time.  Well, at least here in SOKY.  According to Bing, We will be changing time on November 5th at 2 AM.  Not that any of us will actually wait until the wee hours to physically change our clocks.  Many,  if not all, will just run those clocks back before we head to bed.  Those who don’t  remember will may end up getting to church or work an hour early.
The unwanted drawback to the time change is that we lose what little light we currently have in the afternoon and it will be getting dark by the time many of us leave work.  For me that makes a little more difficult to squeeze in “Golden Hour” sessions. (however, we all find a way to make time for the things we truly value–like family)
Before you know it we will be scraping frost off the windshield in the morning and  shopping for Christmas presents.  Yikes!
In the meantime, let’s enjoy the colors of Fall, the crisp cool air and tart and tangy apples!  Happy Fall, Y’all
Brandi and Justin

Fall Fun

Why  is it that every time I say I am going to do a better job of keeping up with this blog…. Life gets in my way?
I hope you have been enjoying this lovely Fall weather we are having.  With cooler temperatures we expect the leaves to start changing and Mother Nature to put on her annual show.  So far– zip nada nothing!  But I am sure, any day now we will wake up and the trees will be glowing with color and we will all be bundled up in our boots and scarves!  I love Fall and Family portrait season.  Family portraits make the perfect gift for Mom!  what mother doesn’t want to have all of her family gathered around her and to capture that in a beautiful family portrait! And our children grow up in the blink of an eye and then they are gone.  Another Favorite of mine is the Fall engagement sessions and Fall weddings!
I hope your Fall is full of laughter and joy, apple spice and crisp days!


Wedding Planning

Anyone that has ever planned a wedding has experienced wedding sticker shock.  From the cost of dresses and accessories to the venue, the decorations, the food, and the photography.
There are so many different decisions that have to be made— it is as bad a trying to build a house.  Like building a house, if a couple and their families can survive this stress they can probably survive anything.
We are in the throes of planning a wedding for my beautiful daughter and her fiance’.  We have experienced the initial pains of choosing the right dress and visiting venues.  As L. is not a fan of the current trend of  “barn weddings”, most of our local venues were ruled out.  We have selected the best venue (in my opinion) in Bowling Green-The Venue at 939 Adams. As soon as we walked in, I knew this was the perfect place for her.  The venue is full of the history of Bowling Green and the charm and patina of shiplap and lovely old wood floors, big sliding doors and industrial touches that, in my opinion, make it perfect. Added to that, meeting Alex Jane was a plus.  Miss Alex Jane showed us around and her pride and love for the venue shows!  Thank you Alex Jane for being the perfect hostess-even at 8:45 AM. Of course as a family of photographers, having amazing images is essential.  My daughter has been a part of photographing so many weddings she definitely knows what she does and doesn’t want- but fantastic pictures are very important and we put a lot of time and energy into planning those and choosing the perfect photographer.  I would never even think of trying to do them myself, I want to enjoy the day and leave that to someone else for a change.  I am thankful that we have an awesome friend/photographer, Brian Powers of @BPowersphotogrpahy that will be able to capture the love and all the special moments for us!
#herecomesthebride  #putphotographyfirst  #weddingday  #TheVenueat939Adams

To the Moon

I wonder where it will end?  The cost of proms and formats has skyrocketed in recent years.  I would venture to say it’s gone past the moon and is on its way to Mars. In 2015, the average person spent $919 on Prom.  The average “Prom-posal” costs about $400.  Where does that leave the “less than wealthy student” ?  Add to that, many of these kids barely make an appearance!  Some show up, get a photo taken (perhaps for proof) then slide out to private parties, hotel rooms, or mini golf.  

With that being said, I want to take a minute to make an offer.  I have several Prom/formal gowns at the Studio.  If you would like to borrow one of them give me a call. I would expect them to be returned in the same conditio.  It would be nice, if they were dry cleaned before being returned.  But, if you want to go to Prom, and the price tag is too much… I can’t help with the ticket, but can help.  Call me at The Studio.  #prom #payitforwarDes #thestudiosky The Studio #tullefordays #formal #promposal 

Shame on her!

There was a recent article floating around the internet .  It popped up in one of my Facebook groups.  I am ashamed to say I watched about. A minute of her tirade before I got out of it.  I am making a promise that I will never do a Facebook live/Instagram Video about you– ever.  And I can guarantee that I will not use that language either.  Now,  I’m not saying that, under duress, stress, and/or anger, that I haven’t dropped an f-bomb… I have . And I’m not fully capable of being a total be-otch. Because let’s be real… but this is really wicked and you have to wonder if she is trying to get on tv on one of those shows like Dr Phil or maybe Springer!  Watch at your own risk!  Just saying the language is a tad $*@&$/ or in emoji 💩

Spring is in the Air

It was 75+ today and we are looking at storms tonight.  Tomorrow will be 20 degrees cooler and Saturday they are calling for snow!  Welcome to Kentucky!  While you are here, be sure to support the Cats or the Cards– no other teams will do.  We are pretty divided… sometimes in the same house!  It’s March Madness in Kentucky and we aren’t just talking about basketball.  

Springtime is the perfect time for portraits.  I hope when you start planning Easter portraits for you little “Peeps” your first thought is The Studio on Main.  Our Spring/Easter Mini session start March 25.  These limited edition sessions are perfect– quick and sweeter than a jellybean.  Each Mini session includes a beautiful 8×10 portrait you can take home that day.  Give us a call at 270-791-6159.  Check us out on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and twitter too!