There was a recent article floating around the internet .  It popped up in one of my Facebook groups.  I am ashamed to say I watched about. A minute of her tirade before I got out of it.  I am making a promise that I will never do a Facebook live/Instagram Video about you– ever.  And I can guarantee that I will not use that language either.  Now,  I’m not saying that, under duress, stress, and/or anger, that I haven’t dropped an f-bomb… I have . And I’m not fully capable of being a total be-otch. Because let’s be real… but this is really wicked and you have to wonder if she is trying to get on tv on one of those shows like Dr Phil or maybe Springer!  Watch at your own risk!  Just saying the language is a tad $*@&$/ or in emoji 💩


About studioonmain

Photographer and artist striving to be the best and provide each client with images that they will proudly share with family and friends, display in their homes, and cherish forever. Shooting for perfection in every frame.

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