I wonder where it will end?  The cost of proms and formats has skyrocketed in recent years.  I would venture to say it’s gone past the moon and is on its way to Mars. In 2015, the average person spent $919 on Prom.  The average “Prom-posal” costs about $400.  Where does that leave the “less than wealthy student” ?  Add to that, many of these kids barely make an appearance!  Some show up, get a photo taken (perhaps for proof) then slide out to private parties, hotel rooms, or mini golf.  

With that being said, I want to take a minute to make an offer.  I have several Prom/formal gowns at the Studio.  If you would like to borrow one of them give me a call. I would expect them to be returned in the same conditio.  It would be nice, if they were dry cleaned before being returned.  But, if you want to go to Prom, and the price tag is too much… I can’t help with the ticket, but can help.  Call me at The Studio.  #prom #payitforwarDes #thestudiosky The Studio #tullefordays #formal #promposal 


About studioonmain

Photographer and artist striving to be the best and provide each client with images that they will proudly share with family and friends, display in their homes, and cherish forever. Shooting for perfection in every frame.

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