Why  is it that every time I say I am going to do a better job of keeping up with this blog…. Life gets in my way?
I hope you have been enjoying this lovely Fall weather we are having.  With cooler temperatures we expect the leaves to start changing and Mother Nature to put on her annual show.  So far– zip nada nothing!  But I am sure, any day now we will wake up and the trees will be glowing with color and we will all be bundled up in our boots and scarves!  I love Fall and Family portrait season.  Family portraits make the perfect gift for Mom!  what mother doesn’t want to have all of her family gathered around her and to capture that in a beautiful family portrait! And our children grow up in the blink of an eye and then they are gone.  Another Favorite of mine is the Fall engagement sessions and Fall weddings!
I hope your Fall is full of laughter and joy, apple spice and crisp days!



About studioonmain

Photographer and artist striving to be the best and provide each client with images that they will proudly share with family and friends, display in their homes, and cherish forever. Shooting for perfection in every frame.

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