It is that time of year again.  Time to get ourselves ready to “Fall Back”  That’s right, we are forced to turn our clocks back and go back to standard time.  Well, at least here in SOKY.  According to Bing, We will be changing time on November 5th at 2 AM.  Not that any of us will actually wait until the wee hours to physically change our clocks.  Many,  if not all, will just run those clocks back before we head to bed.  Those who don’t  remember will may end up getting to church or work an hour early.
The unwanted drawback to the time change is that we lose what little light we currently have in the afternoon and it will be getting dark by the time many of us leave work.  For me that makes a little more difficult to squeeze in “Golden Hour” sessions. (however, we all find a way to make time for the things we truly value–like family)
Before you know it we will be scraping frost off the windshield in the morning and  shopping for Christmas presents.  Yikes!
In the meantime, let’s enjoy the colors of Fall, the crisp cool air and tart and tangy apples!  Happy Fall, Y’all
Brandi and Justin


About studioonmain

Photographer and artist striving to be the best and provide each client with images that they will proudly share with family and friends, display in their homes, and cherish forever. Shooting for perfection in every frame.

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