Each spring for more than 4 years I have made a trip, a pilgrimage if you will, to St. Louis, MO. The Monday after Easter, I load up and head WNW with a car full of gear and my heart and mind filled with excitement and anticipation.

But what is Shutterfest… depends on who you ask. Some say it’s a cult. Other say it is family. We all drive/trek/fly to come together as hive, a collective. We are of one mind and purpose, with different jobs. Some come to teach and train. Others come to shoot, shoot, shoot- and drink 🤪. Others come to learn and recharge the creative core of their craft.

Really, there isn’t anything else’s quite like Shutterfest. It’s not a convention, and yet there is a trade show and vendors with the newest stuff. It’s not just classes… there are parties, too! It’s not just in one location as we tend to drift in and out while creating and bringing visions to life. We take over Museums and skateparks. We definitely take over hotels and the surrounding areas!Why do we do it? Most of us want to belong to this crazy family, to just be a small part of its energies. Others are there to pass it one and pay it forward, sharing knowledge and skills acquired through practice – success and failures. We come together, into our “hive” some worker bees, some tending the young, some scouts… all clustered about our “Queen Bee” or in this case Head Dude 🐝! Sal Cincotta started Shutterfest with a dream to create a conference that worked, to train photographers; and to make some money. (Duh! He is a businessman first)

We come, and keep coming back, because it works. The method, the madness, works. Bring together some of the greatest minds in photography and 3000 people ready to learn, stir in 100’s of models and Hair/MUA and wardrobe, and you have a recipe that while it’s never the same dish twice, surely feeds our souls!

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